Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Halloween Playlist of...Playlists

I've made a lot of Halloween playlists…I love music, I love Halloween, it's a match made in…well, in I suppose heaven sounds wrong, but you get the idea.

Rather than post the actual lists here, I've been making some lists on Spotify, and so today I'm sharing a few for this month we call October.

First up, we have the Classics…not necessarily classic rock…it's more that these are some of my classic go-to songs for this time of year.

Halloween Classics

Next, we have a more eclectic mix…many of these songs were part of my Pandemonium Mix for the Heaven & Hell themed party my best friend and I threw a few years ago. I turned my office at the time into Lucifer's lair with the help of some strobe lights and some of these tracks.

Pandemonium Mix

Finally, this year's playlist--at least so far! I went for a dark but mellow vibe this year...

B-Sides: Halloween 14

Always looking for new tracks for all these lists, so send some my way!

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