Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Haunted Week

Halloween obsession: I have one of those.

Every year, my roommate and I transform our usually normal house into an homage to our favorite holiday. We have a huge party every year, with a theme. The invites, decorations, and costumes match the theme…

So far we’ve had some great ones…you’ll notice that the themes get more elaborate as the years go one!
First year: Dead Man’s Party—skeletons galore.
Second year: Vampires (this was before the Twihard craze ;) –invites wrapped around black roses
Third year: Pick your Poison—invites in small plastic glasses with skull-and-bones on them
Fourth year: Carnival theme-invites attached to red and white striped popcorn boxes. My costume was fun that year: the ringmaster. And I made what is still my favorite decoration: a life-size fortune teller “machine."
Daytime view
Lit up at night

Fifth year: Come in Pieces—Alien invasion
Sixth year: Twisted Fairy Tales—these invites were cool—some had poison apples, some had spiders—each had a creepy fairy tale quote from a different tale
This year: Heaven and Hell—a trip though Dante’s nine levels of hell. Our invites are pretty cool, and I still have them here, so I can take a picture!

Coming up next week, October 24-31, Haunted Week is hosted by Cheyenne at  {This Girl Reads}. I have enough to say about Halloween to post every day in October, so I’m jumping on board with some top-five lists, Halloween playlists, and anything else I can think of. I’m looking forward to visiting other blogs and immersing myself completely in my obsessive love for Halloween.

If you drop by please leave a comment and tell me where I can find you! J


  1. Wow, I love the themes. Sounds so fun! And man, that fortune teller. Those always freaked me out lol.

    We had a family Halloween party a couple years ago, and the best part was preparing and decorating all the treats :)

    1. It is fun, and my favorite time of the year. The only problem with the themes and the crazy decorating blitz is having to top ourselves the next year!

  2. Hey, I'm so excited that you've joined Haunted Week! I love how seriously you and your roommate take the holiday—especially those invitations. Those are amazing!

    1. Hi Cheyenne,
      I'm so excited for Haunted Week! Thank you for hosting--I will definitely try to post every day.
      The invites are pretty crazy. You have seen us this year walking around Michael's searching for inspiration/affordable objects to adorn them with ;)

  3. To be honest, while my family isn't opposed to celebrating Halloween, we don't do much to celebrate it either so I try to catch it wherever I can! And your Halloween homage ideas . . . LOVE THEM!

    I'm looking forward to reading your Haunted Week posts and will drop by to read them!

  4. I am excited!! And I am participating in Haunted Week too. This is so much fun. I love Halloween!!

    Nice to meet you.

    All the Best,