Friday, October 26, 2012

Skeletons on My Bookshelf: Haunted Week Day 3

Five books you've owned but never read....

Once again, I can't exactly list just five books I've bought but never read. I am often seduced by cover art, and sometimes I buy a book that I want to read in theory, but in practice I'm just never in the mood. So I'll just put my own spin on this and list five reasons I buy expensive paper bookshelf decorations.

1. the movie came out first: The Da Vinci Code, Water for Elephants, and the list goes on

2. series burnout: A Breath of Snow and Ashes by Diana Gabaldon. I bought it the week it came out. In hardcover.  Clearly I meant to read it.

3. afraid of how it ends: one word: Mockingjay. I need to hurry up with this one before reason #1 comes into play as well.

4. presents!: sometimes my wonderful students give me books. I have a stack of a few that I will read. When the mood strikes.

5. Regencies: I had a bit of an obsession with these at one point, and then I sort of hit the saturation point on handsome Earls/Dukes/Lord-what-have-yous. By that point they were no longer publishing them, though, and you could find them for like a quarter, so I'd already stocked up. I've held on to a few for when the urge to swoon over a Count Fancypants strikes.


  1. Had to stop by and say hi since I also have a circus novel and am repped by K.O. at NewLeaf.

    **LOVE** the pitch and cover for THAT TIME I JOINED THE CIRCUS and will be sure to spread the word about its upcoming release!

  2. I've seen Water for Elephant, I liked it very much, but I have neither read the book. I think I'm not going to. The movie was pretty good, but I lost my interest in the story.
    Here is my list.