Sunday, April 10, 2016

Micro-House Nation!

The tiny house movement is sweeping the nation. If you think you have what it takes to get in on the trend, why not up the ante and go micro? An average tiny house is around 250 square feet. But living micro—at 95 square feet or less—is where true freedom lies. Ditch your stuff, go micro, hit the road—micros can even be towed by a Fiat!—and let the fun and carefree lifestyle wash over you.

Our custom designers and builders will help you realize the micro-home of your dreams.

First things first, planning is important. If you have children, you should immediately stop feeding them vegetables, or really any food with nutritional value at all. In these builds, kids need to be stuffed into what we call a micro-loft, so they really need to stop growing, like yesterday. Next, get rid of almost everything that you own.

Are you starting to get excited? Well, strap in—our innovative designers have come up with some truly brilliant ways to cram everything you need into a microscopic space.

First, you’ve seen beds placed in lofts above the kitchen or living space. These lofted bedrooms boast great amenities like ladder access and ceilings of up to three feet in height. But what a waste of space!

With our new shelf-bed, you can sleep in comfort knowing you are taking up as little space as possible on this great big planet. The metal hooks underneath make for a  great space-saving closet. You can probably keep up to six outfits! It’s a great idea to begin training as an acrobat now if you want to be able to vault onto the bed-shelf from the ground. Going micro means no room for ladders my friend!

Next, check out this micro-sink which actually doubles as a shower, if you just open your mind and shift your perspective on what a shower actually is. If, for example, you imagine that you are a Medieval peasant, having the opportunity to splash clean, fresh water onto your face and body is actually a luxury. And think of the space you’ve saved!

Finally, check out this desk which can double as a bedroom for guests. Simply place a foam pad on the fold-down surface, and viola—space for up to two guests. Obviously if you are going micro, you and all your friends subsist on a strict organic/clean/gluten-free/vegan diet, and you’re all very small. If you have, ahem, larger friends and relatives…it’s called a hotel, am I right? Let those space hogs wallow around in a wasteful hotel room that’s up to four hundred square feet, with its own flushing toilet and tub-shower combo. Animals.

So what do you think? Is going micro the lifestyle for you? Do you feel like a big giant space-waster when you load the dishwasher or take a bath or use the clothes-dryer? Because you should.

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